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Best Results Testimonials About Patti

In order to see the full effects of Restorsea, you must use the Day Cream and Eye Cream EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY (AM AND PM) for 12 WEEKS. We are offering you a one-time starter price – Purchase the Day Cream and Eye Cream starter kit for only $150.00 - an $85.00 savings (Promo code: STARTKIT). If you are not completely satisfied with your skin's appearance after using Restorsea as instructed, we will gladly refund your purchase.

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A true pioneer in skincare, Patti has been at the forefront of revolutionary product developments such as Avon Anew, having recognized the power of glycolic acid and acquiring the exclusive rights to commercialize it before most beauty insiders discovered its benefits. Learn more ABOUT US

A Proven Formula A Secret Born in Scandanavia Buzz

Independent studies have proven that after twelve weeks, skin feels smoother and softer and looks more vibrant and even. Explore our SCIENCE and BENEFITS sections to learn more.

Spend three minutes travel to Norway to see how Restorsea is made with founder, Patti Pao, Britt Aboutaleb of Who What Wear, Kristin Ess of the Beauty Department, Paige Padgett of Daily Glow and Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of From Me to You.



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